Middle School Curriculum

Lertlah School has developed our own unique pre-primary curriculum through integrating the core curriculum of the Ministry of Education with English curriculum. The integration results in hands-on lessons that are child-centered.

Application (Year Round)

Required documents for Middle School Curriculum : One copy of each category unless stated otherwise.
  • Household registration of the student, the father and the mother (one copy each)
  • Birth certificate of the student (for non-Thai citizenship: a copy of passport of the student, the father and the mother)
  • Identity card of the father and the mother
  • Two 2-inch photos
  • 4 X 6 inch family photo including the student
  • Name change certificate of the student, the father and the mother (if available)
  • Adoption certificate (if available)
  • Vaccination certificate (if available)
  • Identity card of the student
  • Academic documents:
    Por Paw 1, Por Paw 4, Por Paw 6, Por Paw 7
    (Enrollment Certificate), Por Paw 8 (Transcript)
    and Por Paw 9 (Individual Subject Progress Report)