Buildings in the Campus

Lertlah School Petkasem Road

Lertlah School has provided a clean, beautiful, modern and safe school building and environment which helps promote students’ learning. Each classroom is equipped with CCTV and with heat and smoke detectors in each classroom and other areas for students’ safety. Lertlah School provides fire drills each semester for our students to practice evacuating in case there is a fire. For cleanliness, there are housekeepers to clean the school for the whole day. Following are classrooms and areas the school provides.

Specialty Classrooms

Science Lab, Computer Lab, iPad Room, Thai Dance Room, Western Music Room, Cooking Room and Art Room. This is for students to experience and do hands –on activities which help support them to be lifelong learners.

Reading and searching rooms

Lertlah School has provided a variety of books in different fields, computers and iPads for our students to search for information and expand their knowledge and they are able to go to the Library, Science Lab, iPad Room and Computer Lab

Language Skills Practice Rooms

these are places for students to practice and develop their English communication skills with GrapeSEED English Communication Solution.

Playground and indoor gymnasium

the school provides a playground, basketball court, gymnasium and swimming pool for students to entertain themselves, exercise and for school activities.

Physical Development Rooms

these rooms are for kindergarten students to exercise and develop their muscles. They are the ball-room and playland.