Buildings in the Campus

Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road

Situated on Kanchanapisek Road (intersecting Petkasem Road and Rama II Road), the school, a 20 rai campus, provides a green and clean environment and modernized facilities that enhance the learning process.

An area of 30,000 square metres accommodates classroom buildings, the library and assembly building, the gymnasium and activity areas.

Kindergarten Building

The 1200-square-meter Kindergarten Building is surrounded by a natural environment and warm atmosphere, a second home to the students. The spacious playground is where our students develop their imagination, learning skill and muscles from playing the instruments. In addition, all the special classrooms, such as the STEAM Room, the Music Room, the Cooking Room and the iPad Room, are designed for students to develop their creativity, physical skills and intelligence, and to enhance their maturity emotionally, socially and mentally.

4-Storey Building

This building occupies over 8,000 square metres of area and is facilitated with classrooms (over standard area of about 64 square metres) and special rooms – science laboratory, music room, computer laboratory, dance room, playroom, etc. Every room is air-conditioned.

Hard Court

A multi-purpose zone of 2,000 square metres is roofed for all recreation activities.

Gymnasium and Assembly Hall

This building occupies over 2,000 square metres, and is able to accommodate about 2,000 persons. It is equipped with air-conditioners for students to assemble for various activities and sports, such as basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Football Field and Parking Lot

The football field and the parking lot cover an area of about 4 rai. This area provides a space for students and parents to exercise outdoors.

3-Storey Library Building

The library is equipped with the Internet and computers with DVD players. The mini theatre in the library building is equipped with visual and audio systems that is used for academic purposes.