Buildings in the Campus

Lertlah Kaset-Nawamin Road

Lertlah Kaset-Nawamin Road is located on 12 rai of land. There are four floors in building 1 and five floors in building 2, gymnasium, swimming pool and specialized classrooms. The school maintains high safety standards; digital video cameras are in every classroom and all around school areas in more than 150 spots and utilizes a 24 hour safety system. Moreover, the school has modern technologies which are utilized in the student pick up and drop off system, student attendance record system, as well as Wi-Fi all around the school area.

Classrooms and specialized classrooms

Every classroom and specialized classroom are clean, safe, modern, have enough learning materials, and created a good learning atmosphere. In addition, there are specialized classrooms such as Smart classrooms, a mini theatre, library, science room, art room, dancing room, Thai and Western music room, ball room, gymnasium and swimming pool.