Vision and Mission


Through information and communication technology, Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road will maintain an international standard
of educational management between 2017 and 2021. He leader in managing the English Program by professional teachers. Learners are developed to reach the highest capability in academics, virtue and mind. Learners improve themselves to benefit the society and their community. Parents, community and the school continue to cooperate in order to build a happy community.


  • Create the 2017 – 2021 school plan to carry out offensive strategies in improving the administration
  • Update the school’s information and communication technology for better administration and learning process
  • Improve the campus environment, study materials and facilities to enhance the learning process
  • Improve the service management of the main office to meet service receivers’ satisfaction
  • Improve the follow-up and evaluation system for efficiency
  • Develop a unique curriculum with international standards by corresponding to local and foreign knowledge resources
  • Administration has the vision to lead pro-actively
  • Develop administrative assistants to reach the highest capability in their administrative skill in order to work efficiently
  • Develop educational system and workshops for teachers in order for them to exceed expectation in their profession
  • Create a warm, loving atmosphere in the workplace for staff to feel as a part of the school
  • Encourage teamwork among staff and continuous improvement in the teaching profession to exceed expectations
  • Develop staff recruiting system in order to obtain qualified staff
  • Create a detailed mission that systematically develops the learners according to the school’s objectives
  • Organize activities that promote learners’ acknowledgement of their responsibilities, punctuality, honesty, respectfulness, filial piety and kindness.
  • Create opportunities for learners to demonstrate their understanding of sacrifice to help others
  • Instill in learners the pride of being a Thai citizen and the values of Thai culture
  • Manage learning process in which learners take part in the planning and demonstrating their skills
  • Encourage learners to solve problems analytically through critical thinking that is appropriate to their age level
  • Organize activities inside and outside of the curriculum  that stimulate learners to search for knowledge on their own in order to improve themselves
  • Assist learners to learn naturally with native English-speaking teachers
  • Manage learning process to develop learners intellectually
  • Encourage learners to demonstrate their language, academic and technological skills with their utmost capability in competitions inside and outside of school
  • Encourage learners to create innovations with their technological knowledge that can be applied in their daily life
  • Organize activities that encourage development in learners to learn and live happily in society
  • Encourage learners to learn, develop and demonstrate appropriately with good health, virtues and mind
  • Create an understanding, pro-active cooperation among parents, the community and the school in order to improve the school’s quality