Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road

Appointment of the Student Council of the Academic Year 2020

Lertlah School Kanchanaphisek Road has appointed the Student Council for the Academic Year 2020, on August 11, 2020, to encourage students to express their thoughts, develop good leadership and follower skills, and take responsibility for duties. Students also understand how the democratic process works through voting. These students are models for good skills and attitudes in working with others. They know the sacrifice of helping others which can be used in daily life. To comply with the policy of the Ministry of Education and the school, and according to the student affairs management, this program creates pride in students acting as representatives in performing their duties in various school activities, which are listed below.

1. Mr. Nutpasit                     Kanjanapituk                        Student president
2. Mr. Akarawat                    Wichitrattanachai                Student vice-president
3. Ms. Supicha                    Poonphol                              Secretary
4. Ms. Nutchaya                  Kanjanapituk                        Academic department
5. Ms. Pitchapa                   Jampachar                           Activity department
6. Ms. Rachaya                    Chitburanachart                  Activity department (Support)
7. Mr. Phumiyot                    Kongpoomthan                   Sports department
8. Mr. Sippapong                Pradupthai                           Sports department (Support)
9. Ms. Papitchaya               Suppana                               Public Relations Department
10. Ms. Poonyanoot            Thubaiem                             Public Relations Department (Support)
11. Ms. Chartchadaporn   Mahasittichod                      Treasurer Department
12. Ms. Rattikarn                 Pinyophawasutti                  Member
13. Mr. Gontee                     Inkraidee                               Member
14. Mr. Sutthiphat                Qin                                         Member
15. Mr. Kanin                        Thongmee                            Member
16. Mr. Witchaya                  Thurakitphaisan                  Member


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