Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road

Class Opening Schedule

According to the Announcement from the Ministry of Education on January 27th 2021, the MOE has allowed for the last day of classes to be up to the following dates:

Last possible day of classes 

-P6 and M3 :   April 9th , 2021 Review through April 30th, 2021

-P1-P5 and M1-M2 :  May 15th, 2021

-N–K3 : May 15th, 2021
In response, Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road has set the Class Schedule for Semester 2 as follows:
Last day of classes   Time/day

-P6 and M3 : April 9th , 2021   7:40 AM - 15:30 PM / M-F  

-P1-P5 and M1-M2 : April 30th, 2021   7:40 AM - 15:30 PM / M-F

-Nursery: April 30th, 2021   8:30 AM – 14:00 PM / M-F

-K1 : April 30th, 2021   8:30 AM – 14:30 PM / M-F

-K2-K3 :  April 30th, 2021   8:30 AM – 15:00 PM / M-F

• Classes from Monday through Friday including public holidays (except the Songkran holiday)
Lertlah School has provided ONLINE courses (including live meets, video clips, and task assignments) for all levels, especially P6 and M3 in the month of January; therefore, the number of days, hours, and class blocks set by the MOE will be met for all levels by following the above schedule.

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