Parents’ Testimonials

Parents of Ava


Parents of GIMMICK

- Lessons and academic content taught in Lertlah School have benefited students by building important social, physical & cognitive skills. Furthermore, curriculum programs in this school are suitable for students of all ages. The students are regularly taught problem-solving skills, which is useful to students of all ages.
- In terms of Classroom Management, Gimmick has been taken care of very well by homeroom teachers. As a parent, I trust the school and feel comfortable sending him to school every single day. Gimmick has engaged successfully in academics & learned good discipline. He is also able to develop both his IQ, EQ to a high level for his age.

Parents of MOJI

Academically, Lertlah School offers an English Program in accordance with the Ministry of Education and classrooms are run by Thai & foreign teachers to help students learn through various activities
Moji's favorite subject is English and she is able to speak English fluently after studying at Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road.
In terms of classroom management, Moji has been taken care of very well by homeroom teachers.
Morality, culture, and manners are also cultivated in students along with academics, thus, Moji has been taught how to manage her responsibilities and display honesty and respectfulness. Lertlah School always welcomes feedback and suggestions from parents

Father of Milin

A good school that a child wants the most is the school that makes him or her feel happy with effective programs and knowledge to share.
The important things that I look for in a school for my child are:
1.Hygiene and safety
2.Most English Teachers who teach programs are Native Speakers and the proportion of English used is sufficient to enable students to communicate effectively.
3.There are activities for parents to meet with teachers. Parents can monitor the development of their children after classes.
4. Average percentage of Green areas for students that are constantly being improved and are clean.
I, like all parents, want my children to be happy when in school and to be able to help themselves efficiently after graduating from school.
Thanks to Lertlah school Kaset-Nawamin! I am happy I chose this school for my child and I know that I made the right decision.

Parents of Kemi, Poli, and Immi

When we think of Lertlah School Kaset – Nawamin Road, we always feel full of love because of our deep relationship with the school. Throughout the years our 3 children have learnt here, they have been taken care of very well and gained a lot of knowledge from the teachers. Teachers always gave good suggestions when our children had any problems in the school. Lertlah School Kaset – Nawamin Road is good at developing students in their morality, ethics, and academics as the motto of the school says they really are “Best in Academics, Virtue and Mind.”

Parents of Kendo, Kitty, and Kate

My son finished grade 6 at Lertlah School and he moved to grade 7 in the Gifted Program at Bodindecha (Sing Singhaseni) School. I am proud to say that Lertlah School has the best basic academics for all subjects, especially English, and it helped my son have more advantage than others. He can communicate with teachers fluently. His new American teacher asked, “What was his previous school? Was it an international school?” He will always use English when he messages his friends by Line, and his friends think that he comes from an international school. Moreover, he has very good knowledge about other subjects including computers from Lertlah, so he can understand and connect to the new subjects in grade 7 easily.
Kendo said that when he moved to grade 7, he really missed Lertlah because Lertlah taught him a lot of things. His impressions and achievements make me feel very confident that I decided to do the right thing by having him and my other 2 children study at Lertlah. In addition, Thai and English teachers are very loving.

Parents of First

Our main expectation of Lertlah School Kaset – Nawamin Road was to be able to develop our child’s English language skills and we can say that choosing Lertlah was the right choice for our child.
First had learnt at Lertlah School Kaset - Nawamin Road for 10 years from nursery to primary 6. In the first four years, he improved more and more; he became a confident person and could speak English fluently and naturally. We were surprised, and the expectations of our family were exceeded as our child could use English well even though we mainly use Thai language at home. After he finished primary 6, he could get into the top high school in Bangkok. Lertlah has good curriculum in both Thai and English, they always support and encourage students to be their own selves, they focus on development in activities and academics. Thank you Lertlah School Kaset - Nawamin Road for being the first step of my childs’ success. We are very proud to say that our child was a Lertlah student!

Parents of Namkhing

I visited Lertlah and had a chance to attend the Open House. I was impressed with the classroom management and treatment of students by teachers, so I decided to register my daughter for Nursery here. I believed that the school will take good care of my lovely daughter.
Namkhing has been taken care of by teachers and she has had good development and been prepared in all areas.
The Lertlah English Program encourages and supports students to learn English naturally while cultivating good manners and learning about Thai culture.
Namkhing is happy to come to school every day. She loves learning and doing activities with her friends at school. In 2 years, my family and I plan to bring our youngest daughter to enroll in Nursery here too.

Parents of Phukan and Feel

My children are very happy to come to school every day, and they have good academic grades in both Thai and English. Just recently, I have enrolled my youngest child at Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road.

Parents of Minnie and Meji

I was impressed with Lertlah School because the school’s philosophy on teaching strategies emphasizes hands-on learning, including academic knowledge that is enjoyable. The school provides preliminary knowledge skills for students, especially English skills. Students gain fluency and confidence in English skills, and they can use English for communication efficiently.

Parents of Kitty

From the very first time I visited Lertlah School Kaset – Nawamin Road, I knew I really liked it. I came here while the school was under construction and could see how good it would be. I like this school because it is located by the main road, which is convenient for transportation. I also like that there aren’t too many students in each class, so I decided to register my daughter, Kitty, for Nursery.
Since my daughter has been learning here, I have seen more and had lasting impressions such as the school is very clean and has good material in each classroom. The school is always developing in all areas. Moreover, everyone in the school is very kind, friendly, and always takes care of the students. Lertlah School Kaset – Nawamin Road is very good at academics, so we don’t need to take our children to learn in any extra classes outside of school. We also like the community which the school provides. Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road is like a second home for our children. It is a place where we feel warm and safe.
If you are looking for a school for you child, Lertlah should be your first choice.

Parents of Bella

Glad I've chosen this school for Bella, and I believe in the school's quality and management. The students here have good language skills and they’re also fostered to preserve our good social values, Buddhist cultures, and Thainess. It’s impressive.