Parents’ Testimonials

Mother of Nicha, Phoebe and Perth

Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road provided my three kids many things. Knowledge, critical thinking skills, and self-confidence have been implanted in them ever since they were in kindergarten level all the way to middle school. However, the most important thing is the love and support from teachers and fellow students. These perfect combinations create a society filled with lifelong friendships.

Mother of Team and Time

Ever since my children started their studies at Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road, they are increasingly responsible and self-motivated. They become more confident in expressing themselves. Teachers here are caring, compassionate, and very friendly towards students. This school encourages my children to be creative and imaginative, which are core skills for them to branch out into new horizons in their life.

Father of Van, Jet and Tea-Tree

Here at Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road, all of my three daughters are well educated. My kids are happy, and at the same time diligent. There is no need for extra outside lessons because everything they need is ready for them here at school.

Parent of Japan and JR

Six years ago, I faced a very difficult decision to make – “Where should my children’s 2nd home be?” Six years have passed, and I have never regretted the decision I made then. Right now, my 2 kids are happy in their 2nd home where they have reached their highest potential that exceeds my expectations.

Parents of Mild

In the beginning, we decided to send our child to Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road because the school is near our home and we were satisfied with the learning management and environment. Mild has been studying at Lertlah since K1. My husband and I have observed how the Thai and international teachers put effort in taking good care of all the students in cooperation with the parents by sharing information and helping one another. My child is happy to go to school, has positive academic development, and is a part of a good school community and good environment. These are reasons for our decision to let Mild continue her studies in Primary 1 at Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road.

Parents of Feb

The reasons we chose Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road for our daughter are the School’s environment, parents’ community, the teachers both Thai and international and the education system. In addition, we see English as an important language that is used internationally. Therefore, we want our child to be studying with teachers who are native English speakers. We plan for our daughter to continue her studies at Lertlah School and graduate from Matayom 3.

Parents of Boston

As parents, we trust the School’s vision in supporting our child to develop physically, emotional and mentally, and to reach his potential. The teachers take good care of our son and supervise him closely. There is a constant communication between the School and us. All we want of our child is his happiness in studying at this School which is located near our home and has a pro-learning and safe environment.

Parents of Muk

Muk, do you know that choosing the right school for you wasn’t easy? We want a school that is professional in academics (both Thai and English), supports child development and has a safe environment for our daughter. Since you were two, the teachers have been patient and applying their experience in teaching and taking care of you. You have adapted to news friends and teachers and have gradually progressed. You are now ready to continue your development in the primary level. I am certain Lertlah School will continue to take good care of you.